CoffeeCon Discount TicketsExcited to see that CoffeeCon will once again be making it’s 3rd appearance this year! Not only are they making another year of it, but they have extended the show to 3 new locations this year. The first location kicks off in Chicago on April 12th at the Zhou B Art Center. The other shows will take place later in the year in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York!

What is CoffeeCon and do I have to dress up as my favorite coffee?

Nope … this “con” is all about the coffee bean (or cherry); from the farmer to the roaster to the barista who puts it in your cup! You think your morning Folgers is the bomb-diggity? That will be challenged as you taste your way through high end coffee roasters who make roasting coffee an art form!

home roasting hack at coffeeconNot just coffee and coffee tasting either – last year they showcased home roaster “hacks” out on the patio. Kid you not, there was a women roasting beans with a heat gun in a dog dish. …. and it. was. awesome.

Wondered what all the hub-bub is about Turkish coffee? See that weird glass beaker that you swear came from Breaking Bad that everyone in the coffee worlds uses? (Is that a Chex mix or Chem mix?) Learn how to brew coffee different ways and with different gear! They have a lot of classes available this year for people to learn more (dare we say better) coffee brewing methods!

Keynote speakers for coffee?

Just like wine has Robert Parker, Coffee has George Howell, affectionately called “The Godfather of Coffee”. He’ll challenge your palate with coffee cupping and explain everything you might not have known about coffee. George is also a coffee entrepreneur taking his love of coffee in 1974 by growing his coffee stores to 24 company-owned stores throughout New England. Now, traveling worldwide and co-founding the “Cup of Excellence” program, he shares his wealth of knowledge at CoffeeCon.

Discount tickets to CoffeeCon!

Jennifer’s Review readers can get a discounted entrance ticket by using the Promo code JenCoffeeCon at checkout to receive $2 off your entrance ticket. Purchase tickets here: CoffeeCon Tickets

Coffee on my wine-o friends!

(last year’s attendee talking about the return to the craft movement in coffee)


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